Matt Pope

Vice President for Athletics

Phone: 865-471-3372

Eddie Carter

Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance

Phone: (865) 471-3365

Mike Van Bruggen

Director of Sports Medicine

Phone: 865-471-3368

Adam Cavalier

Director of Athletic Communications

Phone: 865-471-3513

Johnny Long

Director of Sports Performance

Phone: 865-471-3360

Suzanne Strudwick

Senior Women's Administrator/Head Coach

Phone: 865-471-4983

Shelly Laux

Director of Eagle Club and External Operations

Phone: 865-471-3396

Gloria Walker

Director of Academic Development

Phone: 865-471-2078

Allen Morgan

Vice President for Athletics, Emeritus

Phone: (865) 471-3372

Bob Trentham

Faculty Athletic Representative

Phone: (865) 471-3253