C-N places 124 on SAC Commissioner's Honor Roll

C-N places 124 on SAC Commissioner's Honor Roll

ROCK HILL, S.C. - For the fifth straight year, Carson-Newman placed at least 120 athletes on the South Atlantic Conference Commissioner's Honor Roll.  The Eagles saw 124 student athletes represented on this year's list after a record-setting year with 137 a year ago.  

To be eligible for inclusion on the SAC Commissioner's Honor Roll, student-athletes must have competed in a sponsored championship sport and maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher throughout the academic year. If Carson-Newman's swim programs and beach volleyball teams competed in the SAC, Carson-Newman's total would rise to 169.

Carson-Newman's 124 selections are part of an overall record-setting year for the league.  A total of 1,736 student-athletes, spanning each of the South Atlantic Conference's 11 member institutions and 20 sports, were named to the 2018-19 SAC Commissioner's Honor Roll, the conference office announced Monday.  

The Eagles turned in 15 members of the honor roll who carried perfect 4.0 GPAs.  


Baseball Ryan Victory Business
Baseball Carson Wells Chemistry
Baseball Greg Valentine  Business
Baseball Jacob Hoffman Biology
Baseball Aaron Oakley Exercise Science
Baseball Charlie Brown Biology
Baseball Matt Bradley Finance
Baseball Logan Cox Biology
Baseball Nathan Deloian Accounting
Baseball Connor Powell Biology and Math
Baseball Tyler Thompson Biology
Baseball Cam Bloebaum Business
Baseball Dom Leo Biology
Baseball Robert Smith  Business
Baseball Eric Rigsby General Studies
Baseball Sidney Schultz Finance
Baseball Micah Genter Special Eduction
Cross Country / Track & Field Amy Davidson Business
Cross Country / Track & Field Luke Greer Literature 
Cross Country / Track & Field Brandon McKinley Business
Cross Country / Track & Field Cameron McKinley  Business
Cross Country / Track & Field Maria Naude Exercise Science
Cross Country / Track & Field Rachel Strayer Exercise Science
Cross Country / Track & Field Rebekah White  Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
Cross Country / Track & Field Caleb Agee Biology
Cross Country / Track & Field Lauren Hegarty Art
Cross Country / Track & Field Jeremiah McCarter Business
Cross Country / Track & Field Olivia Fanning Nursing
Cross Country / Track & Field Amy Zadroga Exercise Science
Cross Country / Track & Field Savannah McCarter Nursing
Cross Country / Track & Field Shelby Reynolds Special Eduction
Cross Country / Track & Field Sam Gudger Business
Cross Country / Track & Field Grace Vinson History and Spanish
Cross Country / Track & Field Lindsey Williams Social Work
Cross Country / Track & Field Amanda Lowe Fashion Design and Merchandising
Cross Country / Track & Field Seth Hughes Marketing
Cross Country / Track & Field Aubree Cole Nursing
Cross Country / Track & Field Tiffany Noe General Studies
Cross Country / Track & Field Alexis Brown English and Exercise Science
Cross Country / Track & Field Josh Finchum  Linguistics 
Cross Country / Track & Field Katie O'Neill Exercise Science
Cross Country / Track & Field William Christiansen Finance
Cross Country / Track & Field Taylor Miller Exercise Science
Football Spencer Jefferies Exercise Science
Football Jesse West  Religion and Communications
Football Caleb Goins Exercise Science
Football Kennan Panther Business
Football Demitri Saulsberry Business
Football Brandon Long Exercise Science
Football Ryan Randall Physical Eduction
Men's Basketball Kellen King Business
Men's Golf Anthony Marcinelli Business
Men's Golf Grant Roberts Business
Men's Golf Will Collins Finance
Men's Golf Grant Bodie Business
Men's Golf Jackson Tyler  Business
Men's GOlf Fintan McKenna Business
Men's Golf Luke Scealf Business
Men's Soccer Kensho Yoshikoshi Business
Men's Soccer Ben King Psychology
Men's Soccer Thaylan Moreira Communications
Men's Soccer Drew Bridge Business
Men's Soccer Joshua Harris-James Business
Men's Soccer Joshua James Finance
Men's Soccer Nick Carsh  Undeclared
Men's Soccer Collin Hensel Biology and Social Entrepreneurship
Men's Tennis Marc Bantel Business
Men's Tennis Danie Cox Communications
Men's Tennis Joey Stiles Biology
Men's Tennis Gabriel Dabdab  Finance
Men's Tennis Jesus Bacete Sanz Business
Softball Ashlyn Cooper Education
Softball Ashtyn Patterson Library Studies
Softball KaraLynne Levi  Library Studies
Softball Abby Fiessinger Math
Softball Natalie Lankster Exercise Science
Softball Taylor Scott Exercise Science
Softball Allison Rager Business
Softball Abby Hicks Nursing
Softball Grace Laws General Studies
Softball Morgan Baker-Celis Biology
Softball Sarah Knight Psychology and Spanish
Softball Leah Sohm Physical Eduction
Volleyball  Madi Rademacher Psychology
Volleyball  Alex Biro Exercise Science
Volleyball  Abbie McFarlane History and Spanish
Volleyball  Hannah Robertson Fashion Design and Merchandising
Volleyball  Joy Rhodes Physical Eduction
Volleyball  Natalie Harris Exercise Science
Volleyball  Katie Parnell Fashion Design and Merchandising
Volleyball  Kendall Cooley  Special Eduction
Volleyball  Taylor Rorh Psychology
Volleyball  Lindsey Devore Business
Volleyball  Megan Oldenburger Exercise Science
Women's Basketball Kayla Marosites  Child and Family Studies
Women's Basketball Addison Byrd Nursing
Women's Basketball Taylor Goforth Exercise Science
Women's Basketball Kelci Marosites Applied Psychology
Women's Basketball Katie Bean Biology
Women's Basketball Abby Wilson Exercise Science
Women's Golf Anna Davenport Business
Women's Golf Matilda Frovenholt Finance
Women's Golf Taylor Hayes Accounting and Finance 
Women's Golf Rachel Watts Exercise Science
Women's Golf Katie Medley Biology
Women's Golf Allie Fletcher Marketin
Women's Golf Elly Carlson Business
Women's Soccer Lira Mathes Biology
Women's Soccer Jasmine Rizk  Biology and Math
Women's Soccer Jaidyn Zapf Child and Family Studies
Women's Soccer Emmalee Daniels Library Studies
Women's Soccer Elena Propst Biology
Women's Soccer Mhairi Pennifer English
Women's Soccer Kennedy Rankin Business
Women's Soccer Allie-Anne Blackburn Accounting
Women's Soccer Jente Kuper Business
Women's Soccer Kristina Markfort Business
Women's Soccer Jackie Burns Exercise Science
Women's Soccer / Track & Field Holly Talbut-Smith Business
Women's Tennis Ali Harris Nursing
Women's Tennis Hannah Price Psychology